Hello to all members from an admin,

A new discussion board has been added to this forum, "Suggestions Wanted/Open to Revision." This discussion board is for composers who would like specific commentary for changes on their works/or works in progress. If you have a work you would like other composers to suggest changes to, this is the place for you! Please see the rules for posting to this new forum on the left side of the home page, underneath the rules for the "Music Critique and Analysis" discussion board. This discussion board was created at the request of a member. Thanks to you all for participating in this forum!

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  • Gav, I think this is a great idea. This was the main reason I signed up here.

             You have to admit tho', that for  the amount of members, the participation

             in this aspect of the forum has been pretty low to mostly non-existant.

            Yes, I understand this is not necessarily meant to be a chatroom but,

            I do question your reasons for and your 'executive power' action over

            other threads and aspects of the forum.

            Are you trying to save us from ourselves?

            Comparing the number of hits and visits of some of the threads

             to others tells me where the interests lie.

             Sure many of them do drift off topic, but why the 'big brother'

             overseer move. Shouldn't it be left to the members, or at least

            the original poster do decide where and how far and open a discussion

            should be ? Or are you saying that we should adhere to music and

            only music and not get to know each other by any other means than

            music ? I agree that the main focus should be the music but we are

            all more diverse than that and I would suggest that if someone does

            not like the thread , they can simply 'click' out and move on to another.

            Possibly the 'exec. order' that needs to be decreed is

               'All members are obligated to comment on a minimum of 3 other

               members submissions per week or will they have to listen to

               Ferneyhough for 6 hours."    sincerely- except for the last part  RS



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