My first new piece in over ten years, this one delves into a serene world of piano and synthesiser:

Piano sheet music / interactive score available here, any feedback is welcome:

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  • Hi Chris,

    I found piece effective on a mood-level, serene and atmospheric. Production values quite good. The piano part pleasant, though I had a feeling of directionless-ness (perhaps you were aiming for that). A few times the harmony surprised me with chords that seemed somewhat out of key, in some cases when this happened I wondered if stronger choices could have been made, but perhaps if I listened to it multiple times this would grow on me (not sure).

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Hey, Chris- I listened to this, both versions, last week and again the new version today. The points Gavin commented on is precisely what kept me engaged ..... isn't that funny? I was always thinking, " where is he going next?" And what really made this work for me was that you kept the attitude of the piano consistently serene, and paced, mezzo forte, in spite of all the twists and turns in the score .... where someone else might have tried to overdo emphasis, or drama or whatever. A lot of clever ideas that kept me attached, nothing too drawn out, and yet easy to take in with eyes closed. Thank you for posting this.  --Regards, Ray

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