New composition

Hi, I'd love to have your opinion on this composition I've been working on and off for about a month now.

The saxophone solo drove me nuts, but I go there in the end ...

Hope you find time to listen :-)


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  • Excellent piece of work! Congratulations.


  • Thanks Johan :-)
  • beautiful work...

  • Thanks Andelko
  • As an afterthought I was wondering if anyone reading this has any views on what they consider to be a really good saxophone sound library. I'm pretty happy with the one here (Native Instruments Komplete 8) but I'm sure there's some better ones around.

    I understand that this isn't the best place to ask the question, but I've posted on several sound-oriented forums on the subject and so far no luck ...


  • Raymond Kemp said:


    I've added the soundcloud widget here so as folks can listen and type at the same time :)

    Obviously, English isn't your first language because the phrasing is spectacularly bad (btw I'm a singer).

    Donny and Marie would definitely struggle with it, that is if we turned the clock back to the 1970's.

    Nice bass, terrible sax.

    Just my opinion!

    Have fun


    Thanks for the widget Raymond and ... Well, yeah, thanks for the widget :-)
  • Hi Raymond.

    No offence. I'm always happy to dwell over the critics that I receive, good or bad.

    Granted the lyrics - and hence the phrasing - on this song aren't brilliant. What often happens when I'm writing a song is that I record a quick and dirty vocal track (that doesn't mean anything) just so as I don't forget the melodic ideas that are going through my head at the time, but after listening to them for a week or so, I get used to the phonetics and that drives me to writing the definate lyrics accordingly. Silly really and In this case it didn't work out that well ...

    Just for the sake of it, I am in fact half English, half French and most people can't tell either way. So I would be interested to know if you find that it's such a give away on some of the other tracks I've uploaded. Here's two :

    The musical styles are very different but that's not what we're judging here ...


    PS : Sorry for not using the SC widget, I still haven't worked out how to do it ! is parked
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