• I wrote the guitar parts first when I was toying around with a few new inversions on chords. I came up with the beginnings of the composition with that, and expanded it further. Steve Hackett is a big influence on my writing, so flute was the very first lead voicing that I decided on and had ideas on what to write for that. I decided viola would be my other lead instrument for this piece mainly because I wanted something a little more bassy than violin.

    All of the instrumentation was recorded separately. THe guitars were recorded first. I used my Godin Kingpin 5th Avenue hollowbody jazzbox unplugged. It was mic'd with a Neumann U87 and Telefunken AR-51. The first tracking of it was with round wound strings. The doubled guitar was strung with flatwounds. Cello was recorded next, flute, then viola. It was recorded and mixed entirely using Pro Tools HD. The reverb and other effects used on the guitars was with plug ins from Pro Tools. Some light compression was used in the recording of the other instruments while tracking using Distressors.

    Thanks for your feedback. I will consider that method of recording the next time I record.

  • Here's another composition that I recorded. It was originally written back in 2007 using guitar and synth. The guitar parts on this recent recording are the left hand parts, and the synth is the right hand parts. I made my first performance art video using the music as a background. Hope you enjoy!

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