• David Maslanka! What do I win? Lol.
  • And for those who receive the majority of their orchestral music through movies and video games, Howard Shore.
  • I instantly made four guesses, within the stipulated ten seconds:

    1. John Adams (I figured he must have written at least one symphony, though that is not his forte.)

    2. Reich (Steve Reich, I also figured he must have written one)

    3. Smith. (I speculated, there must be SOME composer alive, whose name is Smith, who has written a symphony)

    4. John Williams (I thought, in addition to his film scores, he must have written one symphony).


    How did I do?

    I checked myself, before posting this, (based on the honor system), and then I signed the following Pledge:

    I performed the quiz within the time specified, and I neither gave help, nor received help on this academic exercise.

    Signed, Ondib Olmnilnlolm



    1. John Adams did write a “Chamber Symphony.”

    2. I found no evidence that Steve Reich has written a symphony (Has he?)

    3. I discovered, there is a composer, names Robert W. Smith, who is alive, who has written a symphony based on Dante’s Divine Comedy.

    4. It turns out that John Williams did write a symphony. He is still alive, apparently.

    I am not sure how to score this

  • Aaaahhh……fresh air.

    thanks fella's.   Any of you got the wind in the bones enough to write one?

  • John Williams ?

  • Einojuhani Rautavaara

    Carl Vine

  • Eric Whitacre

    Christopher Theofanidis

    ...are a couple of my favorites...

  • While we are at this, and to satisfy my own curiosity, could someone name some SPECIFIC SYMPHONIES, by any of these composers, that they feel are particularly outstanding?

    I did hear one by Einojuhani Rautavaara several months ago, that I especially liked, but i can't remember the number of the symphony.


  • Within the last 10 years? No.

  • The point is...?

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