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Hey there, 

I am new and not sure if this is the place to help, however i am a composition student and i was told to set up my own website. However i don't know if my website is practical and the best way to promote my self as a composer. 

Any advice or feed back would be great.



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  • It looks great to me, very straight forward and gets to the point. You also include excerpts of your music and a contact form which are very nice. To me its a very well made site. 

  • Thanks for your response.

    I am glad it worked for you. 



  • Hi Jan.

    I've visited your website. Personally, I think it's good and representative. I like how you used the score sheets picture on biography section. However, maybe you can do something about the appearance of the website itself with the two rectangular shapes; on top with your name in it and below with the contents. It's simple, but maybe you could add something more attractive rather than just that as it feels somewhat stiff, IMHO. Anyway, as a tool to promote yourself as a composer, it already does it well.



  • hey, 

    Thanks for the reply! I know what you mean by the stiff-ness maybe i will take a look into how to get rid of it. 

    Thank you for your advice. 



  • I thought it was ok - it took a while to load but bear in mind being a flash movie it now won't work on iPhone or iPad which means you may wish to consider an html alternative.

    It does the job however. Best, Jack

  • I thought your website was very well done and easy to navigate. From what I understand, one of the most important things about a site is being able to have your name as the domain name so that's obviously a plus for you as well. In fact you gave me a few ideas for my own website (which is under construction)!

  • Wow, i'm pressed with the positive side. I had quite a tough time at my school over it. haha! 

    The idea is that i design a version for iPhone/ipad etc, which i have done but i need to expand upon it. 

    Thanks guys for the comments.

    I wish you luck with the website building.



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