• I think it's a bit refreshing (and just fun to listen to, as you have no idea what is going to sound next, no matter familiarity with the piece) Clever.
  • Thanks Clark, for taking the time to listen and provide feedback.



  • When was the last time you looked?

    Ray Stirling said:



    Although you've not broken any laws, the last time I looked this was a composers' forum where we present our own music.


    Just sayin'

    My synthesizer arrangement of Mercury from Holst's Planets
    Hi everyone!    I just finished arranging Mercury for synthesizer (you can find it on my page). Your comments are welcome!
  • I don't mean to stir up controversy. I didn't have any purpose in sharing on the forum, other than sharing and getting feedback. I see the forum being used for this all the time. This arrangement is a work that I'm particularly proud of, and I was fishing for positive feedback, which is what keeps me going as a composer. Is my Mercury an original composition? When we refer to Wendy Carlos' or Tomita's work, do we include their arrangements? Carlos and Tomita injected a lot of original ideas into their arrangements.


    In any event, I've removed Mercury from my profile.




  • George, thanks for sharing your experience in discoverying Tomita and Carlos. Whay they did was amazing -- I can't top or equal their accomplishments. Nevertheless, I feel that with all the modern tools and technology that we have now, it's a great time to revisit synthesizer arrangements. I know that people do it all the time, but nothing I've heard has impressed me much. I don't mean to sound arrogant, but with my recent experience of creating synthesizer arrangements, I feel that I'm creating something novel in its own right. If there are other novel arrangements being made, I'd love to hear them. In fact, I'd to have them in my music collection.


    I don't mean to make a statement by removing Mercury from my profile. I have plenty of music there already, and I can do without the controversy.




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