My symphony movement 2

Well here it is. The strings sounds are still poor in places. When I get my main computer back from PC World (it crashed when using Play and wouldn't load into Windows), I will mix in some of the East West Gypsy violin. So please remember it's only mix 2 Best wishes Adrian

mv2 early mix 2.mp3

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  • Thanks so much for your detailed reply.

    Yes you are right about the sound of the samples - I imagined a much more intimate sound, but it came across like a Hollywood blockbuster, so I just had to go with the flow and work to the strengths of the samples. I will save up for VSL.

    It IS in a ternary form - ABA with minor major minor, with bits of internal development. On the subject of CC11 and CC7 - yes, I have read your correspondence with interest and the way that you have tried to conquer this. I too am still trying to achieve dynamic contrast, but it is an uphill struggle.

    Will listen to yours now in more detail (that you sent me privately)


    • thanks

      Glad you enjoyed it.

      The gypsy violin is really expressive - have you used it for solos ? - it is so much better than the violin on East West Gold solo violin.

      When I get my PC back I will mix in the Gypsy violin for the solos.

      I did actually install another gig of RAM to put me up to 4 gig from 3 - but the gypsy program started to crackle and I really should have stopped there and then, but sadly it then crashed and I couldn't even get into windows to do a system restore - So it's back to the start-up discs. I haven't got many USB connections, but I'll take your advice for next time.

      The PC is in PC World because I stupidly did not back up all my files, so I have to pay £100 for their file retrieval system...before I re-set the PC. I'm getting an external hard drive for that now.

      I'll put it down to experience !
  • I'm really self taught in computers, as you can probably guess.

    When I re-set my PC again, should I create a partition where C drive is data and D drive is the programs including the data libraries. What about other programs, should they be on D drive too ? Please advise !
  • Thanks for listening - if you can't download it, you can also download it from here:
  • Just one more question - being on a separate partition the sample library can easily "talk" to cubase ?

    So when I get my PC back I will put all my programs on C and create a D drive with about 100GB (out of 250GB) for Gypsy and Gold and other future libraries - is that right ?

    I've already read up on how to do it.

    Thanks for friend request, now accepted.
  • Thanks for listening in such detail. If want to put in the volume swells, but haven't quite mastered how to do it yet - I've been drawing the expression graphs on cubase, but they don't seem all that effective.

    Can I also ask you, as a string specialist, how common it is for muted strings to be used. I must admit that I mainly consult orchestral midi scores for my inspiration - I do a a few dusty old pocket scores, but I hate squinting at the small the directions found on proper printed scores are sometimes missed in my studies

    I'm well aware of the device of muting, but not quite confident enough to score it as yet (are they quick to put on, as well ?) - I play guitar and piano (badly), not strings.

    I will also listen to some Sibelius now you've mentioned him.
  • thanks so much for taking the time to listen and offer these detailed comments. Movement 3 is on the way - then I'm going to try to make a professional-standard score of the whole symphony (38 mins long).
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