When i first started composing a some months ago, I was on you-tube listening to composers works, and asking for advice.  I met an amazing young composer (Arn Andersson) and he was incredibly helpful. We ended up helping each other out because he was in the process of creating a website to help new composers whom he constantly received questions from.  I reviewed his articles that would be posted on the site and gave him feedback from a beginner perspective and learned a ton in the process.  Since then I've come to fall in love with the sound of the orchestra and fantasy music. I have composed several pieces over the past six months, and like to think that i am improving with each new piece.

I am recommending his site right now because its great and i gained much valuable skills and ideas from it. Its also Free, and written in a way that is easy to follow and sticks in your brain. http://www.composingsecrets.com/

Anyhow, its worth a look.  And feel i should pay it forward. Cheers


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  • Added to bookmarks for later study. Thanks, Steve. 

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