Hello there!:)

I bring a new work with. There are some of projects i would like to ofer for hearing.

There is my latest work, recorded in Prague concert hall: Rudolfinum
 called : Autumn letter, this i composed becouse of respecting John Williams and also for Vojta Pajer, my friend in Czech:

Interpret: Pilsen Philharmony,
SOLO: Walter Hofbauer



And there is also my new websites with more music:



I also try to make sculptures from clay material. This is my latest work: John Williams film composer busta, sculpture. Bigger than human size.


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  • Thanks you Quinn !

  • Very sensitive scoring technique here, Petr; beautifully flowing lines in the strings. Maybe divide the main featured melodic chores between the trumpet and another contrasting instrument (much more of a suggestion than criticism)?

    Quite impressive work; pro level.

  • I listened on your website to several of your pieces of music.  You have a wonderful sense for orchestration, melody, harmony.  Really strong good music!   Inspiring.  More please!

  • Thanks to everybody! :) I am now looking for some good prejct to score, couse i did many of my personal projects. Now maybe is time for something other ! And also, i dont know what to do after conservatory. We have music academy in Czech, but if one wants to get there, must compose modern clasical music and thats what i in my 21 years can not do, just becouse, i dont fell good in modern harmony. I love ideas, little motives, than sentences, to play with. I like when people can sing the melody.

    Don´t like just to create super genius masterpiece with verry interesting and hard harmony without melody. Maybe this time will come one day, but now, i am in love with music of John Williams :)

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