• Dear Saul,

    your website is very well designed and beautiful. I listened to your pieces - my favourites are #1, #2, #5, #6 but my very favourite from you, the "Song Without Words for Piano and Violin In E minor" I miss in your list. What about that?


  • Hi Gerd,

    Thank You. Well I'm planing to create more digital downloadable Albums. This first one contained 15 works. Additional Albums will be added later on. But I don't think that I'm going to put all my works up for Sale but only those I feel meet the standards that I think qualifies for Online Distribution and Sales. 

    The issue with the Song without Words that you mentioned is that currently I don't have a good version of it, I still didn't master it or did anything with it, besides creating an Mp3 file. With time, as the quality improves I will post it.

    Thank you for visiting my site and commenting, 

    Best of Wishes,


  • Beautiful.

  • Thank you Ali,


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