my second orchestral song

hey im new to this site and im wanting some feedback from you guys please.

this is my second orchestral song and wondering if i could have some feedback on it?

thank you :)

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  • Here are the things I noticed you could improve:

    - I would give the piano in the intro way more reverb and maybe more pedal, I think that would relay the darkness a lot more

    - When the snare drum hits fast, you might wanna try a snare roll sample as opposed to hitting the same sample several times really fast it sounds a bit robotic otherwise

    - I think trumpets might be a great addition

    Overall nice track, it relays a dark epic feeling, keep working :)

    Can you give me some feedback on my track when you get the chance, I just made my first orchestral track myself :)

  • thanks for the feedback and sure ill have a listen to your 

    thanks again :)

  • thanks for the feedback raymond i can see what you mean. it need more and some unpredictable procession line or something ill bear it in mind ty :)

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