I am working on an orchestral song and really need some feedback on what it sounds like so far, e.g. what mood do you feel when listening to it, scenery, mixing, constructive criticism, etc...thanks!


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  • Hi Nicole, the initial impression I had was the start of an adventure.

    interest roused, wondering what comes next.....            RS

  • You have a good sound here, good use of instruments, dynamics and some interesting phrases. It seems to be 'cinematic' which I guess means it is written it a certain style that we hear in movies a lot; and that it also needs a focus, either a visual image or something else to make it complete.

    The challenge of writing a short piece for a large group of course is 'what can you do with so many instruments in such a short time that is meaningful?'

    Now that you know that you can do this stuff and that we like it to a point, perhaps you should focus on something longer that has some development that will hold our interest?

  • Very dramatic. Do you have a score to go with it? It's a bit hard for me to give specific feedback otherwise.  But it sounds very exciting. Want to hear more.

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