Hello all!  I just joined the forum today (awesome idea for a forum) and thought I'd share a song I finished today with you all to see what you think.  I'm totally satisfied with the melody and structure of it, though the crescendo horn at 1:34 I think sounds a bit too harsh.  If anyone's knowledgeable in Kontakt 5 it would be awesome to get some advice on accomplishing that - I've maximized the Wetness and Minimized the Dryness of the crescendo horn instrument and it still sounds not quite to my liking.  In all likelihood the only solution is to get a new sample (not really an option for me though).

Age of Aggression


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  • It's extremely well sounding composition, esp. the begining (until horns' entrance).I would love to see the score of it as well! Just some critical thoughts:

    - I would love just a little more development of your 'horn theme' across the piece.

    - If it has no words, it's not a song... it's just a musical piece.

    - In other your compositions, if it's not game-score, I would try contrasting themes in the piece from time to time.

    Definitely keep composing my friend!

    With the best regards,


  • I really liked this! What program are you using for your staccato strings? I really like the sound of them.

    The only thing I would suggest is add a large arrival point to the song. It felt like it was building and building and building, but then didn't go anywhere. I really wanted it to finally just go over the edge so to speak.

    Great job none the less!

  • Thanks so much for the feedback everyone!  I'm using LA Scoring Strings and yes it is a great program, though I can't seem to make their violas sound the way I want to with Valhalla reverb or FL Studio Reverb.  There seems to be a general consensus that more thematic development would enhance the song - In theory I agree, though I'm not sure where I would put the extra bars in this song.  I will certainly keep that advice in mind when in the writing process for my next piece - I generally struggle to make songs longer than 2:30.  I'm still pretty new to composing so I think with advice from others with experience and just practice should get me where I want to be!

  • Not really.  My favorite composers of orchestral music are Paul Anthony Romero (Heroes of Might and Magic IV being my favorite soundtrack of his) and Jeremy Soule (Morrowind and Oblivion soundtracks).  Inon Zur has done some great work on the game Dragon Age as well.

    Raymond Kemp said:

    BTW are you listening to this stuff as a guide to where you want to go?

    Yes, for the crescendo horn, the sound is too close to the speakers.  That's really the only instrument I don't much like the sound of.

    Raymond Kemp said:

    Apart from reverb issues, can you pick out the individual aspects of each instrument or sound used that you think just doesn't cut it?

    My Newest Song - Age of Aggression
    Hello all!  I just joined the forum today (awesome idea for a forum) and thought I'd share a song I finished today with you all to see what you think…
  • Well, I still would like the sound of that one horn to be further from the speakers, so I don't understand what you mean.

  • The illusion of 'distance' from the listeners ear, is usually achieved by adding reverb/echo to the track in question. Volume levels can also help. To place an instrument or group of instruments very close to the listener, make the tracks' level high, AND relatively 'dry' rather than 'wet'. wet: more reverb, dry: very little or no reverb. So to place an instrument very far away from the listener, lower the track's volume and use lots of reverb/echo. Experiment, so you can become familiar with this manipulation of 'depth' on the sound stage.

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