My new tune

Hello everyone! I decided to write something new, a little more exciting and dramatic .. So I started writing ... and it went on its own. I'd love to receive constructive criticism And consider that I was very young, and I have so much experience Anyway, my mind leads me to the idea of writing music for films And I'd love to know what you think

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  • Hello,

    I dont think you have posted anything.  I cant seem to find it if you have.  I look forward to hearing your work.  Have a great day...  :)


    Ups! :)


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  • sorry for the late reply...  

    I do very much enjoy the quality of your samples and how they interact in sequence.   The music certainly mimics the emotion that would be involved with such a story as well. Great work imho!  

    That being said, it is kind of predictable where it is going, well, minus some of the the parts that abruptly cut off...  and abrubtly start up.  The violins are a tad strong in places as well, but this could easily be due to my setup and not the actual mix.  Great work overall and thanks for the link to allow me to evaluate your composition!

  • First of all, thank you bothI appreciate your comments very much, and I'll try to implement as much as possible!
    I sit at the piano a long time to figure out how to create tension and so I decided to end the long tension work with violins (some said he was too long, but this is the aim reach a climax tension) and then finish my theme.
    I hope I really love it, I can see that some of the film, the final scene of the movie.

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