Hi everyone, this is my newest original composition. I tried to make it very peaceful and sweet. The software I used was FL Studio, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra and EZKeys. All feedback is appreciated, thanks for listening!!

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  • It's a bit hard to give feedback without knowing the intent for this piece. At 1 minute and 35 seconds, it's too short for its purpose to be for listening. It's lack of variety also suggests it not meant to interest the ear. This would work well as background music in a film/TV scene, to help set the mood without being a distraction to the action on screen. Is this what you are going for?

  • To Janet Spangenberg:

    I understand what you're saying, and yes, background music and film scores is the music that influences me the most. I like the way background music or film scores help set the mood, with very simple arrangements but still being very expressive. This piece can be thought of as a background music, it's mostly what I like to do. The intent was just to make a soft, simple, sweet background music.

    To Bob Porter:

    I don't think I get quite well your idea of a "goal". I just make music because I like it, the idea of making a "sweet and peaceful piece" doesn't sound foolish to me, it's trying something that I haven't done before, and learning in the process. Anyway, I'm thankful that there are some things you do like about the piece, and about the length, I also think it's very short, I just didn't quite like how it turned out when I tried to make it longer

    Thanks for your feedback.

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  • You've done quite well, then! Even with not knowing what your intent was, you effectively got the point across. The length makes sense in this context, as does why you didn't like it when you tried to make it longer.

    Background music for film/TV has its own unique requirements. It doesn't follow all the same conventions regarding form and engaging the ear/interest that "foreground" music needs to. Short length is characteristic for background music.

    I know a couple of musicians/composers who are getting their work placed in commercials, game shows, and reality TV shows. The music for these need to be even shorter!

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