• one more

    this harmony guitar funky jam uses a homebrew fuzz pedal I made

    09-Get 'Yer Ass Home Funk.mp3

  • Excellent. nice jazz vibe. 

  • Smooth as silk throughout. Very self-assured, laidback playing and vibe. Being an old picker from way back, I can tell you this is some quality stuff. Understated but effective, of the sort that will grab the attention of an audience straight off the bat. 

    Excellent work, Mike.

  • Regarding 'Get Yer Ass Home,' in my opinion, this forum could certainly use a good deal more of this kind of music.

    Hell, man, you're really making me want to dust off my old Standard and start rippin' it again. 

    Love it. Keep putting up some more, if you've got them ready to roll out. I'll sure be here with a smile, for one.

  • thank you for the compliments.

    speaking tone wise any thoughts? 

    I worry about the mix  not sure with my hearing lose hahha

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