My new song, "The Return"!

Hello all! Since this new year began I've had a renewed interest in really trying to make some music. It fell flat last year when my laptop on which I ran my DAW (FL Studio) went down and then I didn't get a replacement for over a month. But since the new one is now up and going, I've had a lot of drive. For this I used a combination of BBCSO Discover and Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra.


This song is one that I feel marks the return of some enemy, perhaps an ancient one in some story set in another world. I would love some feedback on it! And if it means something different to you, I would really be interested to hear what story you see or think of regarding it.


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  • Sounds good, Layne. Very dramatic. I'm impressed by the sound quality too.

    Nicely orchestrated and good choice of instruments for solo lines. It feels very visual, but I wasn't sure about the ending. The end felt a bit abrupt, maybe something left hanging, a solo woodwind note might add to the mystery.

    Ever wriiten to film?


    • Thank you for the listen! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I very much like the idea of a solo woodwind note, so I will definitely add that! Thank you for that feedback.

      As for writing to film, the only time I have was for a competition. It was an experience I greatly enjoyed. It can be found here:

  • This definitely has a cinematic feel. I think you did a great job establishing a melodic idea and adding satisfactory contrasting ideas to that. 

    • Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the listen.Cinematic was certainly my goal here.Happy to hear that the song pays off for the listener too. My goal with most songs, but especially this one was to take whoever listens to it on a journey.


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