My new Piano piece

Please tell me what you think about my new (short) piano piece, Nella's Song. I would greatly appreciate your feedback. I was not trying for any particular style or form I just had emotions that needed to be expressed, and this just poured out of me (which is rare). Deborah

Nella's Song.mp3

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  • Wow, what a compliment. I didn't want to bias anyone by saying this, but I composed this in about twenty minutes without much thought. I wasn't sure if I would develop it, but perhaps I will. I listened to Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. Nice! And I see what you mean.

    I'm working on a package of instrumentals to submit to a music library. I might include this one (developed, of course, and perhaps with more instrumentation).

    Thanks for the comments.

  • Thanks, Ray. The feedback helped. I've already expanded the song to about four minutes in length (piano only still).
  • Right Saturday I couldn't buy inspiration. Then Sunday it just fell from heaven.
  • Thanks for your comments. I've improved the piece quite a bit since posting it here this morning, but I'll probably be working on it for a while (to get the piano performance down [because I'm playing live] and then add other instrumentation).

    I had a quick listen to the music on your page. I can't remember the exact title, but something with Walk in the name. I think I like that one best. Also, you're obviously a fan of the skillful use of dissonance. Do you like Thelonious Monk's music? I love it.

  • Hi Deborah

    It's very pretty
    and I love the warm clean sound of the piano.

    You could almost loop some of the parts and make a bigger composition out of it.

    Very nice.
  • I took a couple theory classes in college (back in the '70s and 80s), and I played piano, sax and clarinet, although I didn't play any instrument well enough to major in music performance (and I really don't remember if the college I attended offered a composition degree).

    Right now I'm reading up on theory and trying to expose myself to as many unfamiliar styles and composers as possible. I believe I have a natural talent in composition, but it needs to be developed, and I'm not getting any younger. :-)
  • Hi Deborah,

    All the praises and suggestion have already been laid out. So without repeating what has already been said, I would like to as you a few questions :)

    Since I am new at composing, may I ask what software/hardware you used? Also, did you score your music and with what software?

    I will look forward to an eventual reply, in the meantime, thank you and keep up the brilliant work!
    • Andrea, I'm still doing things the old school way. I used a Korg 01/WFD MIDI synth, plugged a cable to the old computer mic jack and just recorded the audio. I'm working on getting a DAW set up but haven't got there yet.

      There's a guy here named RayKemp who seems well-versed in Digital Audio Workstation issues and virtual instrument libraries who's a useful resource. Also, you might want to check out the Music Technology forum, because I asked a question there about this issue and received some enlightening responses.
    • When I replied earlier I forgot to answer your notation software question. I use the least expensive Finale software, Finale Songwriter. I've only used it for a couple songs so far, and it's very clunky. For those with enough funds and the proper equipment it can be done using Midi, without manually notating.
  • This is a nice piece but I think if you decided to develop some of the ideas a little and perhaps include a creative modulation this piece would be a great hit.

    The melodic material is very memorable and if you really work with it it would be a great seller.

    I enjoyed listening.
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