Hi guys!

Long time without posting here, I was working in this piece, that I want to share with you.
Two percussionists, electric guitar, live electronics and electronic sounds.

I wrote a memorial of this piece for my monograph in partial fulfillments for bachelor in composition and conduction, here in Brazil.
So this is the resumed abstract. Video is HD. Enjoy!

The work was premiered at the Círculo de Invención Musical (CIM) concert, at the IV Bienal Música Hoje, on August 24, 2017.

The objective was to produce a piece of music in which the performers played a creative role (through improvisation) and in which theoretical reflections and speculations could be materialized, as well as to put into practice technical skills developed from research in musical creation with technological support.

It is expected that this work will configure an artistic production that expresses the understanding acquired to date on what it means to compose music today, with special attention to the principles that govern, in a general way, the perception of directionalities that act in different aspects of composition, developing in time and giving rise to the musical form.


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  • Cool piece.

    Are the electronics triggered by the musicians or is there pre-recorded material? I'm hearing a bunch of stuff (like a Fender piano) that I can not correlate to what I see the musicians doing.


  • Yes, is a mixed piece. The live processing is in the beggining. We used quadraphonic distribution (4 channels), this is a stereo mix, so we loose a lot! 

    And yes, we are interacting with pre-recorded material too (tape).

    That instrument is a break drum, I elaborated a kind of microtonal "chorale" almost in the end of piece. We loose some takes of the second percussionist too (production mistake), and the recording was not pretty good. That was the premiere, I think the next time we can improve that things!

    thanks for hearing!!

  • I could figure out that there was a second percussionist but he didn't get a lot of camera time indeed.

    Still, quite pleasant to listen and watch.


  • Cheers man!!

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