For all the dreamers and the lovers of this wonderful world!
There is hope and love.
Life and love is a journey, and like a living organism, both has to be tended to and fed.

This song is especially dedicated to my lovely wife, Mimi!!!

Original composition by Rene A, JUN 2022.

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  • Hi Rene,

    An effectual piece in a sound that seems to border on pop and modern country at the same time. Your rhythm playing is quite good, I can hear the confidence in it, something which cannot be faked. Well done!


    • Hi Gavin,

      Love the modern country.  I was just invited by a close friend to fill in for him playing bass guitar in a country band, and I enjoyed it a lot.  Country music is so much fun, and the story telling is always enjoyable.

      Thanks for the wonderful comments, Gavin!!!



  • Dear Rene,

    I love your wonderful song with a strong flavour of the 60s - and your awesome voice. GREAT! 


    • Hi Gerd,

      Thank you so much for the excellent feedback!

      I love the 60s and the 70s, and very happy to hear that my sound reflect these best decades!



  • I love the sincerity in all the things you do but it not really my kind of style so it would be pointless to try and give constructive criticism. But I know you give pleasure to many so I hope you long continue.

    • Hi David,

      You are so much appreciated.

      In music, especially in singing, if you are not sincere in the delivery of the message and the song, it will not be effective.  So I try to be all-in when singing.  Your comment about sincerity, in itself, is the best constructive criticism one can receive.  And coming from you, this is a huge compliment, and I will take it with gratitude and all-smiles!

      Thank you.



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