Greetings everyone! First of all, thanks for taking your time and interest to critic my music. I'm new here, but I've had experience writing music for the 11 years I've studied as a pianist. Granted, I've never done a big-time writing gig beyond making scores for my fellows making a game or a home-made video, but I've self-studied game and film music for over half my life and taken composition instruction under a professor and at uni.

All that biography nonsense aside, I ask for your best criticism here. I've hardly had criticism on my digital music before, and I'm hoping to learn alot, bruised ego and all! I hope you don't mind me linking my music as youtube videos, as that's where I've been stock-piling my tunes under my "ghost company" title, HFoTmusic.

"Learn of an Evil Plot"

"Rise for the Golden Sun"

"Doorway to Hell"

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  • I like all of them, especially the second one! :)

  • Thank you! If I may ask, what stands out to you in the second piece?

  • Thanks Bob! You're right about the length. These pieces are, more or less, test works, I wasn't as interested in length as developing quality sound. But I should and will start making lengthy works, perhaps an album of "mood" music as a professional stepping stone.

    I'd like to see my work orchestrated to film as well. May be a while still.

    I fixed the overly loud cymbals with a couple other things. For whatever reason, my speakers don't seem to express spiking noises so well. I had to wear my headphones to catch that spike in sound. Time to get new speakers!

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