Hello all! In honor of October, I decided to make and post something with a spooky and mysterious sound. In my mind, it's the theme for a group of witches who practice their magic in the moonlight. But I would love some more opinions, and if you have a different interpretation I'd love to hear that too!

I made this in FL Studio, using the Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra VST. Hope you enjoy the listen!

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  • Very nice recording, I love spooky vibe.

    This coukld be on my front door music.

    Thank you for this beauty.


    • Thank you so much, Rene! I greatly appreciate your feedback and kind words. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. October is my personal favorite month, as well as the spookiness that comes with the it!

  • Nice Layne, I liked the rests near the end, quite effective.

    At the beginning I would have started the long notes in the strings softer with less attack followed by fast crescendo to reach the dynamics you have. 

    All the best 

    • Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate your insights and kind words! Thank you for giving it a listen.


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