My Lament - elegy for piano

In the last days I was working on this little elegy for piano. I call it My Lament. It starts rather sad , has some eruptions in the middle but resolves peacefully towards the end.

Unfortuneately I cannot record it easily like Saul by playing it on a  keyboard but have to edit every single note but now listening to it with my headphones I am quite happy with the result ...



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  • A wonderful piece, Gerd, exactly as you describe it and very well done entering it note by note.

    Nothing to crit. As you say, the eruptions around the 2 minute mark do come as a surprise but fit in with the work well and the slight rallentando gives the end a peaceful conclusion. 


  • Hi Gerd,

    Really nice concept. I would like to say that I don't know why there are those sudden changes in mood and volume.

    The piece started with a charming melody like a story and then unexpectedly there are those harsh or aggressive passages.

    This works well if there is a build up to it, but out of nowhere they disturb the story telling side of the music.

    I would have developed the melody even further and the introduction doesn't need to be repeated. It would work just fine to let the music progress naturally.


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