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Hi Let me start by saying that I'm not at all religious, but I do love church music and hymns. So when a friend of mine asked me to set his words to music, I jumped at the chance. Yes, it is deliberately simple, a strophic structure, and before the technocrats jump in, the recording may not be up to some people's standards. BUT, does it stand up as a reasonable hymn - and does my other young friend, Rachel, a local Mancunian talent, do the song justice ? please click on the link on the main page or download it by clicking on the down arrow - as on my page it plays all distorted on the player - is this due to the sample rate - does anybody know why this happens ? When I change the sample rate to 41,000 Hz on audacity from 48, it slows the whole track down ! Why is life so complicated ?

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  • Thanks so much for your support, Anne.

    Always pleased that our music can have such an effect, and that due to the power of the internet, you can hear what we've been doing so far away. I have the music as a score - but the other day I noticed a little mistake in it - so I'll post the corrected version to you within the next few days, probably by an internet link.


  • Thanks for listening. I agree totally with what you say and it's a totally different challenge from writing a symphony. The aim is to write something that is on the surface simple, but a bears repeated listening because there is something of musical interest going on - and in this case the "lift" in the song is courtesy of an A major chord in the key of C major on the phrase "may glory be to thee" . An old trick (dominant of dominant, etc), but one which can work.
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