• This is fascinating. I have been thinking about possible styles in composition all my musical life. My work is mainly influenced by the Baroque, but otherwise I just do what I feel like and the result is tonal music with a certain atmosphere. But it is a consistent whole and that is important to me. If one swings back and forth between Baroque music and a Romantic style, one's own style has yet to crystallize.

    Anyway, your composition is in "Sharing Only No Critique Sought" so I won't say anything about that. I am merely expressing my thoughts because, like you, I am fascinated by tonal music.

    • Thanks for your comments, Rowy.  This piece was a very early work of mine, written 20 years ago.  It is not characteristic of my overall style.  I was studying Bach at the time and he had become for me a sort of musical mecca, so I wanted to try my hand at something in a similar vein.  It was a fun and rewarding little venture into another era, and a tribute, if you will, to the great master.

      My more characteristic work can be found in everything else on my SoundCloud page -- and it is definitely of a certain romantic flavor.  I enjoy listening to ALL types of music, but as a composer, I've just never been that interested in anything other than a fairly traditional understanding of tonality.

      Do you have your music posted somewhere so that I could listen?     

  • this is infectious high spirited fun, especially the finale which for a moment reminded me of Michael Nyman! Just enough variety and contrapuntal working out within a quite short work to be satisfying. Does the more romantic slow movement entirely fit? Why not, I would say (although the harpsichord is a bit underemployed perhaps in the main section --coming more into its own in the central one). Certainly a very different sort of work from what you're doing now but perfectly valid and enjoyable.

    • Thanks for the comments, David.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  

  • Hi Gregory,


    I like the first movement most. The second movement sounds like work by itself, the third movement returns to the mood and style of the first movement.

    Thanks for sharing,





    • Thanks for listening, Saul.  Appreciate the feedback!

  • Lots of fun!  The 2nd movement seems quite heavy on the melancholy compared to the first mvmt, but I liked the return to lighthearted fun in the 3rd mvmt.  Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for listening, H.S.  I appreciate your comments!  

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