• Hey Miguel,

    I quite enjoyed this! Very nicely synced to the video and great use of ambient soundscape in the beginning.  My only suggestion would be to add some reverb to the brass at the end as it sounds rather dry but that's mainly more a personal preference, and I am not a fan of pizzicato strings being used in bombastic styled trailers such as these as it gives it too much of a 'mickey-mouse' effect which detracts from the overall power of the visuals.  Other than that, the trailer was very well scored and a damn good start as your first video.  Looking forward to seeing what you do next!

    -Renan Javier

    PS - I really liked your "Retazos a tres" video, beautiful piece of work.

  • Hi Renan !! Thank you very much for your comment, I am very grateful for passing to a new idea and personal vision to improve my compositions. I really enjoyed working on this video, I really enjoyed it and the fact of being the first as well hehe, to work harder to correct or improve the little things that might sound better and better and maybe orchestrate.

    A greeting and I hope that we are contacted either by facebook or something, I just search lol :)

  • Thanks for commenting Bob.
    I'm so glad you like my little job, thank you very much.
    I do not understand what ultimate good: it refers instead to take a video already made by someone and I put music up, I make my own video with my music not to take videos of others?

    Regards and thanks again for commenting

  • hello again, sorry can not write before
    If I understand, a sequence that has movement and I will put the music, the truth that I've never done, something like the more action I have to prove the truth I am very busy with the end of my career in composition and why not if I will have time or not.

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