Hi there, 

as I'm new to this forum I just wanted to upload one of my compositions, to introduce myself.

It's called "Una noche en México" and I originally composed this for percussion ensemble, but I'll also upload the version for wind ensemble with percussion.

Feel free to write any critique or feedback, thank you !

Una noche en México - Wind Ensemble.mp3

Una noche en México - Percussion.mp3

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  • Thank you for your feedback,…yes I also had the idea to make a version for jazz band but I wasn't sure about that, may be I'll do that in future time...

  • Nice...I could dance salsa to this.

    One quick thought...At 2:08 the clave rhythm stops and feels like it just got tired and dropped out suddenly, with nothing else happening to replace it. but its just my opinion and I am not articulating it  well.


  • Thanks!…..@Anad: you're right!, the problem is that there must be an effect, but sibelius doesn't play this correctly

  • Hello Daniel, this piece is enjoyable to listen to and the instrumentation seems to me to work quite well. On the critical side, it seems very conventional - I don't hear anything which I have not already heard somewhere else. Also the piece does not seem to build to an ending so much as just stop. Thanks for posting!

  • @ Gav: Thank you also for this comment….you're right but the problem is that the spectrum of Latin music is so big, that it's really difficult to create something very new in every sense.

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