Hello to all,

I would appreciate any comment on this suite and especially about measure in 4th movement because I am not sure if it is out of measure or it can be considered as some measure? When I composed I found it a little bit odd but after many times of the listening I am get to use to it, so now I am "deaf" to hear if it's mistake or not? I do not have any music education except in primary school as you can see by scores :)


Thank you!

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  • Hi Adam, your question is hard to answer because the score is so full of notational errors and so few measures are displayed at a time that I can't quite grasp what's going on. I don't wish to discourage you as I am always happy to see anyone composing, but your notation needs some significant improvement in order for those of us who read music to offer you useful feedback. I would suggest you might try just posting an MP3 and pointing out the moment on the timeline (mins and seconds) where the measure in question happens. 

    Best to you,


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