My first product demo!

ive never written a product demo before so this was a big jump for me and quite an honour.


The sample pack is based on middle eastern string figures,modal loops and runs,trills,tremolos etc and makes it easy to create a very ottoman empire feel to a track if the mood takes.


i wrote this track


this is the link but obviously ive attached the file as well in the time honoured way things are done for the site.

please have a quick listen and tell me what you was not easy writing a minute of audio that is supposed to capture everything from start to finish.most challenging!!



Dance For The Pearl Of Rulers.mp3

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  • First off, it has a great feel to it.  Seems to catch the essence of the promotion text below it.  Some comments:

    1. Back off the percussion, unless that's also part of the sample pack.  The strings should stand out the whole way through.

    2. From :20 to :38, it seemed too have a lot of room to introduce and showcase more variety from the sample pack's articulations. 

    3. From :38 to :50, I really lost (and missed) the strings.  This may be what you referring to when you mentioned difficulty in capturing everything in the pack, but in this part, I couldn't really tell what was being highlighted.


    Lastly, congrats on the gig! <jealous>  :)

  • yuor dead right on all counts.they used this version which was version 1 but i revised it 3 times.

    this is the final version i used which despite being approved wasnt used but i suspect last minute rushing caused this mishap.


    This is the first time ive done this sort of work and despite doing a lot of media tracks and working through a lot of specialised areas,this was surprisingly challenging for some unknown reason

    Dance for the pearl of rulers (rework).mp3
  • chalk up simply being asked to do it in the "plus" column. good job!
  • hi Fredrick,


    check out my post above Andrews,i have included a revised version which drops down the percussion,highlights more strings with a more prominent mix.



  • yup, definitely like the new version better.  ...and it sounds like a library i'll have to look in to. :)
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