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Hi, I am going to post one of my first pieces for symphonic orchestra right now! :) I created it in February 2014.

Library used here is EWQLSO. I mixed video of moving score in Sibelius with track, that was produced in DAW.

Waiting for your critique.

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To my ears, this has a very American sound, rhythmically and harmonically. And I think there's very little I would change, too, but yet, in places, if I'm forthright and honest, I'll admit that I could've wished for just a bit more variety in the use of the choirs, simply for the sake of greater, more unexpected contrast. On the whole, though, for a first piece done over a year ago, there is very little doubt in my mind that you've got some not only great ideas and chops already, but can also look forward to some truly outstanding productions, so long as your dedication doesn't flag, or somehow become dampened and bogged down by some degree of the minutia of life we all have to eventually figure out how to come to terms with. Hopefully, this has already happened for you and you've learned how to compromise without having to make too many sacrifices.

I agree with Paul Smith that a little more variety in the use of the choirs would improve this piece considerably. I found it a teeny bit repetitious after a while, in some parts where you repeatedly use the two-note ff motif. It may just be the kind of style you're going for, which is fine, but it would be even more effective if you occasionally left it out or otherwise varied the rhythm to add more interest.

Thanks for your comments, I will add variety and improve sound in my future tracks.

This is very nice, I do like it. Only thing I would suggest adding would be a little percussion to it. In my opinion it would add to the mood and would help emphasise the builds.

Nicely done! I enjoyed that very much. I'd love to hear more. 

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