Hi everyone!

I need your help!

I hope I'm putting this in the correct room, since it's a commercial solicitation. I've launched a kickstarter campaign with the goal of buying a pile of new notation and recording software ($cha-ching!$), while at the same time offering pre-sales of a project I'm going to be spending the next two years composing.

Due to the prices of printing I won't be able to do a print run unless the project is fully funded.


Please go take a look. If you're not interested in becoming a "backer", you can still help me out. Please retweet, share, like, and post it all over the interwebs, using all your social media channels. I appreciate that piano music is a very "niche" interest, so it will help if you share this with other musicians and composers. This project will also be interesting to enthusiasts of the occult and divination.

And if you choose to pledge, thank you! I'm very excited to start the project, so I really hope I can reach the funding goal.

Ian Ring

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