My first electronic song with the FL-studio Hey guys! I'd really appreciate some feedback on this. I guess it came out as something close to deep house. Still don't know how to use the FL-studio very well so if there's anything weird with the eq or balance etc. please tell me. Any feedback is helpful tbh.

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  • Very catchy, very enjoyable..

    Nicely done and thanks so much for sharing!


  • Hi Electron -

    This is very good for starting out.  The structure is attractive and makes sense and the sounds work well for it.  Your opening riff is very similar to the "White Stripes"  'Seven Nation Army'  song which could be a potential problem.  You could vary it more and make it less important to the overall song, it's difficult to be totally original these days.

    There are many resources available for computer based music and a lot of them are free or cheap to buy; and there is an amazing amount of instructional material available as well, you are fortunate to be getting into it at this point.

    I look forward to hearing more of your work.

  • Thank you Bob! And Ingo Lee I'm actually reliefed to hear that because those are the things I've been strugling with before. And yes, the bass line is pretty close to the one in "white stripes". I'll try to pay more attention to this in the future.
  • Thanks for posting this.  Your first ever?  Or first with FL Studio?

    Something you might try: after the syncopated section have a 'step up' (key change) by a tone or minor third and also introduce more percussion layers.  Then step down at the end.  Just an idea, which might be too 'Poppy' for you.

    Some of the folk here do a great deal in this line and are friendly and helpful. 

    KVR One-Synth-Challenge
    KVR One-Synth-Challenge
  • I had to google what "Seven Nation Army" was but I don't hear a similarity upon review.

  • My first with the FL-studio. I used to have some old version of Magix and got tired of the poor quality. I haven't made that many songs though. About the step-ups, I'm always strugling with the transition to keep it fluid. Would like to use them more tbh.
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