• Hi Kevin,

    Congratulations on your first finished piece, and thanks for sharing it. I would say it sounds ok, but a couple of things did stand out to me which somewhat got in the way of my enjoyment - the bass is rather loud, and while I'm guessing this is what you were aiming for, it was so loud in spots that it felt to me like it overwhelmed everything else. Two - there is something going on in the very highest range with the piece that I couldn't quite make out - harmonics of some type? They seem like they are barely there, to the point where I wondered if they were unintentional (a score would help if you have one). Not saying they sounded wrong, just a little too low in volume to really make out. 

    Hope that is useful to you,


  • Thanks for your critique Gay, you are the second one to say this about the bass being too loud and although it was intentional maybe you have got a point.  The violin is not as you say loud enough, I will remix and see if I like it more although I suspect I will. Very Useful indeed.

  • Kevin,

    Thanks for posting this. I think that you might consider remixing this as far as panning goes. Everything is on top of each other, and I can't make out what the instrument groups are. Maybe strings left and basses right. Other instruments in between. 

  • Hi Bob, yes I will give this a total makeover.  I have panned the instruments in VEP but not in logic, silly me. Thanks for you critique.

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