As a composer I participated for the last 5 years in almost every film music competition out there.
So I wanted to share my conclusion. While all of them just offer a clip to score and maybe a small monetary award,
I haven't found any other as challenging and as wonderful by offering official feedback on my submission
(something that not even in my conservatory I received in that extent) as the one I already participate 3 years in a row. And that is the Oticons Faculty.
I participated in so many contests but truly the one that helped me grow is this one.
Of course, all of these competitions are very interesting and effective.
Still, this is absolutely my favourite because it provides a different, unique format than all other competitions and that is why because the contestants
don`t have to score a film with minimum 10 minutes lenghts. No, not at all, instead, they are asked to work on some short specific tasks,
which challenge their craft, creativity, imagination.
Talking about scoring, this contest is life changing, for real and I strongly encourage all composers that are serious about their craft to participate.


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  • All very good but what contest are you talking about?

    By the way it was impossible to read the full width of your post because you've cut and pasted this from somwhere. I had to copy it ito word.

    Please clarify. I'd be interested to hear of a film music composition that needs creativity and imagination. Most film music I hear has to sound roughly the same as any other. So...thanks.

    • Hello, Dane, I am very sorry you had to put so much effort in reading the post, I do not know why I did have this problem with the post. I tried to post three times in a row and the text look the I put again all the text in word in order not to loose it again and as far as you can see, in looks the same. I even added an image which contains a poster of the contest and it seems it doesn`t working...

      But I will let you a link below, I believe it is more useful than my post.



      Oticons Faculty Int'l Film Music Competition
      OTICONS - the international talent agency for film composers - founded the OTICONS FACULTY International Film Music Competition. This groundbreaking…
      • Thank you.

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