Hello again!

I leave here my second music composition inspired by the epic fantasy:
"The Threshold of the Gods"


Hope you enjoy even something! I'm learning to see if I am slowly getting better, I'm still very green ...


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  • I don't get any images, fantasy or otherwise, but enjoyed the pan flute (or what it is?) and its melody introducing the latter half.

    I found the rest similar to a soundscape (as used in electronic and new age-music and probably more commercial stuff I would never buy)

    But is just my impression, the content was more of a "starting harmonic base" for a filmic soundtrack, than epic or filmic.

    I tended to enjoy making filmic tracks long before everyone posted such things everywhere, now it is just too much shit everywhere! (And some is good too.)  COnsidering how easy it is to make Zimmer-pastisches with the plugins out there. I'm so pro I even invented Zimmers keyboard. :)  And he stole all my assignments in hollywood, for himself. The bearded devil.

    Just kidding (if in doubt), your track is well put together, and simple is good way to start if green.. An advice would be that you need something that evokes images. A melody is the simplest way. Let e g the flute return, varied or the same, later on. In sections and on different instruments. Maybe extend it into something else.

    Perhaps you have use for this tip.

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