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Hello there

I've been working on a new website during the last few days. The main aim was to create a little online portfolio, supposed to allure film makers that are looking for a composer. I wanted the background to be interesting and warm, but abstract and not distracting.
I'm not sure however, if the actual result is appropriate. I'd love to hear your honest opinion and critique.

Here's the link.

Tell me what you think! :)

- Keman

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  • well that abstract background.. I liked it, for me it shows some classy image, and well your music is really great. the only thing that i'll suggest you'll add is the "studio" or what DAW/VSTi you're using.

  • Looks very well arranged. Simple and elegant, yet not to boring that you'd want to leave as soon as you see it. If you don't use soundcloud, i'd recommend it. It may be easier to have a soundcloud player on your site with all of your pieces. Nice work!

  • I liked it.  I clicked on your music Alienation and it had a good beat.  :)

  • I very much enjoyed the music demos, they are all well orchestrated and show a great variety of styles.  I feel that the homepage does not give that same impression however.  I would make it look more "streamlined", for lack of a better word.  The text is very much in a box and there is a too much empty space.  The background design is nice, but maybe a picture of yourself, or some interesting artwork on top of the background would make it seem less amateurish, which your music clearly is not.

  • I think your website work just fine. The music sounds great but the snippets are too short in my opinion. When I go to check some new music out I think it's much better if there's three full length pieces that twenty 30 seconds pieces. That gives a much better view and impression of your music. I think it's important for a producer to hear how you develop your themes.

  • Keman,

    So far so good! May I suggest including some form of action item for visitors such as; a sign up form, a link to a sales page, a sales page, etc. Something that would make or cause your visitors to either a) buy something from you or b) take an action you want them to take that leads to a) (again, buying something from you) or c) providing a direct registration form for a mailing list or any other visitor input device which allows you to start gathering visitor names and e-mail addresses. That way, when you have something new to offer you can send them a notice which links to a) again! Sort of like a rondo :)

    Just some silly little thoughts. Keep up the good work.

  • Very simple...appropriate for the arts.  Also easy to navigate.  While I do think the home page could use

    a little more design and punch, I nonetheless like the color and theme.


    Best of luck!!


    Michael Forbes

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