My Animal Song.

I'm not sure whether I've posted this before on this forum. Since it's almost 8 minutes long, I won't try to pass it off as a contest entry. I'll just post it here. 

I'm really more of a dog person, but I did come to love this little cat.

It's called Emily's Cat. I intended it to be in the spirit of Deems Taylor's Through the Looking Glass with the epic battle between the White Knight and the Jabberwocky. A bit of whimsy.

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  • What an EXCELLENT piece of music--its whimsical, amusing, and reminded me of cartoon music , in its very best form--Carl Stalling with the old Warner Brothers cartoons.

    Thanks so much for sharing..I also am a dog person, but inherited a cat thru marriage and to this day, along  with the videos I see of cats on Facebook, I STILL find cats very strange and different animals..:)

    Thanks Bob

  • Thanks Bob. Haven't heard from you in a while. I was just in that kind of a mood when I started it. The death scene from Looking Glass always gave me a good chuckle. Deems Taylor really disappointed me. Looking Glass is probably the only thing he wrote that I thought was any good
  • Hi Art--Thanks I was very ill and had a death of a very dear one, so was absent from many places for a long time.

    Ive been back a little over a month now--nice to see you here :)

    ENJOYED this piece VERY much!

    Thanks Bob

  • Lovely music, expressive and descriptive in all its beauty. Orchestration just perfect, I have to learn this.

    Congrats to you Art


  • Thanks Kjell. I needed that. 

  • How well you depicted the inside of a cat's mind!  An amazing piece of music!

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