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Hi- it's been a while since I was here, but I'm back for now.  

Here's a violin piece I wrote recently and had performed- let me know what you think!  I hope you enjoy it.

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Outstanding, Ms. Poe. I may be totally wrong, but to my ears it has something of the sound of a gypsy improvisation, as if you'd just unexpectedly happened upon the player in the woods and decided to listen for a bit.

Thank you Paul, I'm glad you enjoyed it!  Indeed, I was trying for an improvisatory feel and was glad that came across.  

You're very welcome. It's really cool to hear something played live, as well.

Lara Poe said:

Thank you Paul, I'm glad you enjoyed it!  Indeed, I was trying for an improvisatory feel and was glad that came across.  

Very interesting and impressive. Did I hear a Debussy quote? From either his violin or cello sonata. The piece also reminds me of a little of Ravel's Tzigane, although the gypsy in that piece is on stimulants, where your gypsy is more dark and mysterious.

Thank you Michael!  I like that analogy :)  And thank you for listening!

Very meditative and beauty piece. Thanks for sharing. I aspire to be so efficient writing by hand.

I love the off-the-cuff sense conveyed in this piece. It's consistent throughout.

It also strikes me as a multimedia piece, either with a live dancer and shadows or background video.


First off, kudos to Aija.  She did a marvelous job with this.

You've created a wonderful vehicle for a violinist.

I am curious.  A piece of this nature is very dependent on the performance.  10 different violinists would give 10 very different results.  My question is, how close was Aija's rendition as compared to what you envisioned as you wrote it?  I don't ask as a criticism, just curious as to how developed for you.

Again, very nice work!

Thanks Greg and Tim!  

Greg, that's a potentially interesting idea.  I haven't thought of that, but it could work out well.  Thanks for the suggestion :)

Tim, thank you- indeed, Aija did a great job!  There were a few things that were different from what I had originally conceived, but a lot of it was quite close to what I had in mind.  I realised I was taking a risk with some of the notation, but in this case it ended up working in its favour (or at least I certainly hope so!)

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