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There are a large number of music theory tutorials available on the internet, mostly on YouTube.  One of the best I've found is the series of videos by Dave Conservatoire.

This is a comprehensive music theory course divided into numerous 4 to 15 minute videos.  It starts out with the absolute basics, and progresses into more advanced theory.  The explanations are remarkably clear.  I think this would be a good site both for complete beginners and for people who know some music theory but want a review.

Most of these videos seem to be also on YouTube, but it's more convenient to work through them on the Dave Conservatoire web site.  The site is free, though they accept donations.

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  • I was curious...I need some revision on certain aspects of CPP, like chromatic tonic discords. So I visited your link. Clicked on "get started" and nothing happened. The only click that worked was "sign in (etc)" and that expected me to have a facebook or google account - a naughty assumption as I have neither. 

    Shame, I'll have to go back to my Kitson texts!

    Thanks for trying, anyway, Jon.

  • Hmm ... I haven't had those problems before, but I just tried the link I posted above and Get Started gets no response from me either.  Maybe there is a temporary problem there.

    If I go to the link direct to the lessons (rather than the site's general home page:)

    I get to the beginning of the lessions.

    My experience there is that you don't need to log in with a Google or Facebook account, but if you do, the site keeps track of where you are in the series of videos.

    Dave Conservatoire
    Welcome to Dave Conservatoire - a free online music school, aiming to provide a world-class music education for everyone.
  • Jon - Thank you for listing this resource, I was able to get to the video series from the second link you provided. I will listen more when I have time.

    Here is another resource you and Dane might find useful. This site is Open Music Theory and has no restrictions. It is not video oriented but is quite thorough for a free publication and proceeds from basic notation fundamentals through post tonal music with sections on 12 tone and set theory. It also has a chapter on Pop/Rock.

    Table of Contents – Open Music Theory
    ## Introduction[Introduction to this “textbook” (for instructors & scholars).](about.html)## Fundamentals[Basic notat...
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