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Hi! I started recording theoretical video course about music software (DAWs, music notation, samplers, synths, effects etc.). I hope this will be useful for beginners and those who want to structure their knowledge of music technologies. I am not that good at english language, so I would be very glad for comment and criticism to take it into account in future videos!

Here is english version:

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  • This is awesome!
  • Hi and thanks for comment.

    I added a third video, "Compare DAWs".

    I tried to use dictionary less for this video and just talk how I could.

    I feel that I used not very correct words periodically. Is this video still very usable and understandable or I should use dictionary more during recording?

  • What DAW have you found best dealing with midi and composing for orchestral music?
  • I personally do not usually write orchestral music in DAW. I write it in music notation software and then import into DAW. I had best results with the following:

    Music notation software: Sibelius

    DAW: Cubase, Reaper

    These DAWs seem to be also good for orchestral music:

    - FL Studio, Samplitude

    - Logic (not sure about usability of multichannel support)

    Seems that these DAWs are not the best for orchestral music:

    - Sonar (no multichannel colors)

    - Ableton Live, Bitwig, Studio One, Motu Digital Performer, Pro tools (no multichannel tracks)

    - Reason (no VST)

    - Renoise (text tracker mode)

    If you are not planning to use MIDI channel selection for articulations, some of the DAWs above can also be good.

    I also have several video tutorials about using virtual instruments in Cubase and Reaper:

  • Thanks Alexey. These are very helpful.

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