Hello (sorry my yesterday's post had a broken link),

I created a new YouTube channel:




It is devoted to a new music form/genre, which I call Music Polyminiature. The definition of this form/genre can be found in the description of the first video in the channel (please press the READ MORE button).

I am inviting you to include links to your short music videos, consistent with this form/genre, either in an existing playlist of the channel, or in a new playlist. If you are interested, please send me a link to your music video. Currently I prefer instrumental music, featuring classical orchestra sounds, which contains modern harmonies and great contrasts. Please excuse me if some of your pieces will not be included.

This form/genre is not entirely new. I am trying to determine its sources and would like to discuss this here.




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  • Somewhat like 'through composed' motif based works, familiar enough. When I've played in orchestras (I'd hasten to add amateur even if they often include retired or displaced professionals) I've aimed to limit compositions to 5 minutes as they're often looking for "fillers" and local composers stand a chance.

    My stuff doesn't have a large audience - you could say modern and usually with powerful contrasts - but I have no google account so can't post anything on youtube. 


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