Music Libraries: Exclusive or Not?

I've avoided any libraries that re-title my work. Taking that into consideration, is it better to have your compositions in a single library or as many libraries as possible?

OPTION 1: Each composition is in only ONE library (exclusive or not).

If my works are in multiple libraries, they may compete against one another thereby lowering the price I receive. If each composition is in a single location, this is avoided.

OPTION 2: All of my pieces are in multiple libraries (non-exclusive).

The chance of your compositions being heard is greater.

Any thoughts on the subject?


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  • Good point Ray. The wheels of the world do move slowly.
  • I'm in favour of exclusivity. Only because PRS seem to have a hard enough time keeping track of what is being used as it is, without the same tune being registered under many different names :-)

    That's only my opinion though :-)
  • Dominik Johnson said:
    This post is perfect timing!
    A Music Library has just offered to publish my latest CD, and they wanted an exclusive contract.
    There are ten tracks on the CD and I thought about signing long and hard.
    I say - as long as the library has a good reputation and you speak to the person who set the company up....go for it!

    Read the contract carefully.
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