Music in honor of Syrian refugees' situation

Dear Everyone, There was to be a contest, which has been canceled. Instead, I propose that those who wish to compose a piece of music to honor the situation that millions of innocent people from Syria find themselves in right now, as war refugees abroad, please share their compositions openly on this thread. This thread will remain open for a few months to come, to receive new compositions. So please take your time composing your best music. Mariza

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  • Nice piece of music Jon!

    I felt that it was capturing just with sound colour all the predicament of these people-images being a bonus of cource.

    Thanks for posting.

  •    Hello. Just read your post. I know it is a bit late. I composed this piece a month ago. It is a mixture of late styles that contain what my interuptation is of two oppositions coming together. There are Syrian and English voices throughout.

  •   This is the link for that song

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