Hi everyone. It's been quite a long time indeed I've been here. I'd like your views or criticism on a music i composed as a trailer music concept, for a movie trailer. I would like to hear your thoughts about it pls. This is the link to the music. I hope its ok to share the link in this post if not I'll try and repost through a proper place if its not ok. https://soundcloud.com/x-feel/self-realised

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  • It is a very cool piece and I can definitely catch the emotion. I really think you have accomplished what you were trying to do!

    I don't feel like im in the proper place to critique your piece, but since I have quite some experience in audio I can recommend you to do some more digging in improving the quality of your drums samples and effects.

    I think you are very talented :)

    Kind regards, Jim!

  • Thank you for your reply! I appreciate! And thank you for the advice! I'll find more ways that I can improve the drums! I'll look into improving on the effect which i used. Thanks Jim!
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