Music for Orchestra 7

I'm going to group 3 of these musics for orchestra together to make a kind of ballet thing or symphonic suite.   This would be the opening movement.

It's abstract and through-composed in keeping with the other 2 that I'm sure I've already posted here. I've avoided giving it a title. 

It's chromatic bordering on atonal but has two motifs threading through the piece.

In a way this will be a test piece.

Comments good or bad as ever would be gratefully received.

Thank you if you can give it a play (or at least part of it anyway as its about 6  minutes duration).

Beware soundcloud it doesn't work at all well. I left at least 8 seconds silence at the end of the piece (put a musical note high out of the compass of an instrument but it's chopped that off, damned thing. So be ready to turn it off if you get to the end. Thanks.



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  • Hi, Dane,

    I do not think it is an exaggerated prejudice to tell you that your different works that I have been listening to in this forum, all of them have a lot of quality, both from the perspective of the musical form and from the perspective of sound production. The current work continues with the same level. It has a good formal structure. With a musical scale with a lot of chromatic nuance, achieving harmonic complexity. A good presentation of the musical materials used. With the fine interweaving of the different timbres you achieve a very organic assembly, it is worth highlighting the exquisite use of percussion. The vigorous chaining of the different musical events provides it with an almost dramaturgical evolution. All this gives a result with a novel-contemporary character but at the same time easily decodable and intelligible for a majority of listeners.

    Regarding the quality of the sound production, it can only be said that you make a professional use of the DAW + musical instruments binomial.

    (Forgive the generic nature of these comments, but going into a more technical analysis is very difficult).

    Un saludo.

    • Hi, Ramon,

      Many thanks for your most generous comments - and it's pleasing that it held together as I hoped it might.

      Much appreciated.

      I omitted the score as there's someone on this forum who is pushing composers to set their music up on musescore for motives unexplained. However, I doubt anyone woud "steal" this work or want to. So for anyone interested, here's the score.

      Again, Ramon, sincere thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.


      01 - Music for Orchestra 7 - 260921 - general.pdf

  • Very satisfying and accessible Dane I think you have found a happy spot between atonality and predictability here that we can all be happy with.  I'd say this is noorish but it is too sophisticated for that; let's just say there are restless spirits stirring here that must be reckoned with.  I like your use of percussion.  Percussion is a wonderful tool that is often abused IMHO but very effective here.  Is this the VSL percussion library?

    It would be great to see the extra dimension of dance or one of the light shows or Cirque du Soliel extravaganzas attached to this, all the colors are already built in for someone to expand on. I hope you will promote this work so that others can enjoy it.

    • Many thanks for listening and your encouraging comments, Ingo.

      Yes, most of it is from VSL though I still like and use some percussion from my very old samples. I'm pretty wary about percussion so it's good to know that it seems to work here. I'll have to learn more about it.

      It has been scored. I'm a bit wary about posting scores here, now, as we have someone keep pushing people to load their scores to musescore (active on other sites too) and as I might just submit this onw I don't want to get into a copyright fight.

      Again, thank you.

  •  Really like this.. 

    I can envisage an abstract dance group doing their stuff to it.

    Beautifully done.

    Just out of interest:

    what software (VSTs) did you use?



    • Hi, DC,

      Thank you for listening and commenting and I'm gratified that it made sense ....of sorts at least! Much appreciated as I suspected it wasn't easy to listen to.

      I use mostly VSL, a collection I've built up over about 3 years since they often have "sales" and allow buying individual instruments, sometimes 3 for the price of 2. I like their VI range as the recoding is dry and 'un-panned' so I can adjust them as seems appropriate. Much of this piece uses just the entry level range.

      Thank you again...most encouraging.

  • Hello Dane! I'm impressed by your work. Thank you! it is very very allegorical music. If you don't mind I will give an example of a composer who creates such allegoric music- Sofia Gubaidulina (Soviet/Russian composer).

  •  Exciting music, like a walk through an abondoned town, as you indicate in the description. So many events appear here, you are doing quite well to create pictures and emotions: happiness, scariness, beauty and much more. It is a thorough work mezmerising the listener and I kept the attention all through.

    Well done, Dane.


  • Very dramatic!  Reminds me of Walton's symphony #2 in terms of drama and language.  Not my usual musical tastes, but I did actually enjoy listening to it.

  • Hi Dane,

    First listen:  Too much material presented too fast.

    'One must conceal the depths. Where? On the surface.'

    I could not perceive the depths at all.  It seems everything is on the surface.

    Second listen with score:  Better. At least througly enjoyable.

    It is high time you finish this ballet ? work as soon as possible.

    Otherwise you will be a 'one beautiful work only composer'.



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