•    Hello. Farmer George here.

      Hope I am not jumping in the wrong place or hyjacking someone's discussion. If so I apologize.

        I am an animal farmer during the day and a pianist at night to pay the bills. NO MONEY IN FARMING.  I was told this group would be a more suitable fit to my compositions. I was hoping to get some feedback on the music I compose, how to make it better and to what market it may be applicable in. I do all of my work in my living room  at my farm in New Jersey USA.  ALL IS ORIGINAL. NOTHING IS COPIED OR PASTED .  By the way,,,,,  SO SORRY ABOUT TRUMP....      My work ranges from simple classical / jazz piano pieces to what I hope can be movie title soundtracks or filler content in almost a retro perspective. I play all of my music through Cakewalk Sonar using a Casio Privia 850 Digital Piano. I would like to leave a link to a piece I did called "TRUMP THE MAD MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE"   on SOUNDCLOUD. My description of him in a music story line.  It has classical content as well as a jazz rock and a  head type music feel at the end and all fully orchestrated. It is at this link

        There are also over 45 other pieces, all different if you might be in the mood for a circle of opposite content. All songs are different in a slight and or drastic way.

          I will also try to fit in this discussion something I have that is less than 7mb content.

                   Thanks. I value your critique




    EASY DAY.mp3


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