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I'm preparing a score in Sibelius 7 for a 17 piece Jazz Band. The parts display multiple bar rests where the instrument doesn't play. There are instances where I don't understand what Sibelius has produced.

In the attached part, please refer to Rehearsal Mark "B" where it shows a multi-bar rest of 6 measures, followed by two empty bars. Why wasn't this notated as an 8-bar multi-measure rest, as was done elsewhere? I searched for an answer online; the only one I could find said there must be a hidden object in the latter two measures somewhere, but there isn't. This example is consistent across all the parts that don't play in those bars.

I've spent hours on trying to figure out how Sibelius is handling the multi-bar rests, notation conventions, or a means to edit the rests. I don't know if I'm missing something, and Sibelius is correct or not.

This is important, as I'm entering this piece in a contest with a main requirement of professional notation. I'm so close to getting this piece ready, and now I'm stumped! If Sibelius has handled this properly, I'd sure like to know why.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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I assume you have selected each of the offending bars and pressed delete to force Sibelius to reconsider its decision?

Don't suppose you could show us the bars in question 26-27 (perhaps with a bar or two lead in) of the full score (as a PDF or export as graphic)?

I'm not familiar with Sibelius, but in Finale there is a difference between a full-bar rest and a whole-note rest, although they look the same. So maybe that's the problem here? Sibelius doesn't include the two measures because they have a rest in them, so it's not a hidden object getting in the way (they're in plain sight), but the program doesn't consider the two to be empty either.

By the way, don't you think it would be cool to break up the 8ths' beaming later on so that they're grouped per beat rather than four in every group? Looks more swingey, I think.

David, thank you for taking a look. Yes, I deleted the offending bars. I also tried copying and pasting in non-offending bars.

Greg, yes I made sure these were full bar rests, and not whole tone rests. Thanks.

Bob and Greg, I've attached the Sibelius 7 score (and a pdf sampling). l'm less bleary eyed than last night, and see there *is* something attached. It's an "edit bar line" mark. I'm not sure what this means. I don't recall editing these bar lines, although sometimes I'm likely to move them. (I tried deleting the symbol, but that did change the result.) This symbol shows up elsewhere, where it makes sense (at repeat signs, for example).

Bob, I visited the Sibelius forums for this issue and just stared at the answers blankly! Granted, I had been been editing all 17 parts with a fine tooth comb from the time I got up until Midnight. This "edit bar line" must be the problem. If you know how to restore this to its default, I'd appreciate you sharing with me. In the meantime, I'll see if this morning's brain is better at deciphering what I found on the Sib Forums.

I found it! I found it!

The answer is here:

It turns out, this is a fluke situation showing up in Sibelius 7. Apparently, I had at one time, a different bar line in those measures. I had returned it to "Normal", which Sibelius considers a "special" bar line (even though it looks like the default). This "Normal" bar line is overlaid the default bar line. I selected the bar line, clicked delete, revealing the default bar line. In the score, the appearance was exactly the same, but it removed the Special object that was splitting up my multi bar rest.

Many thanks to you David, Bob and Greg for your help. You, and a good night's sleep helped me solve this before I was reduced to rubble...

Apparently, this is a problem in version 6, also. Here is a link for a plug-in that detects "Normal" bar lines, and then deletes them, as they are undetectable by looking at the score:

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