Movie scenes to compose to!

Hey guys.

For all you up and coming film composers out there, here are two scenes you can practice to!


You can find them at  --- to the left you can find "download film material"


Transatlantyk is a Polish film festival founded by film composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek (finding neverland).

However, the festival/competition is over, but you can still download the material.




...Btw, I know this isn't the place to post this, but I just wanted to let as many of you know.



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  • Hm...that's strange. Did you right click and choose save link as? - works for me.
  • Hi Daniel, thanks for posting this, I never heard of these festival/competitions so it is great to find despite the fact that it is over.  I didn't realise this is not the place for posting this type of message...I guess I need to re-read the rules.  Can you let me know if you know about other similar things?


    Thanks so much  Susan

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