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In the second half of scene two, Moses is to perform two signs and wonders, change his rod into a serpent and make his hand leprous and heal it. The first illusion would be accomplished by throwing the rod behind some scenery (rocks, flowers) from which the serpent would arise via puppetry suspended from above or below. The second illusion is done with a flesh colored glove over a white glove. One at a time they are removed in his coat.

I've introduced two themes, one mysterious for the miracles and the other 4/4 march for the conversations. There's also a short snake section. Does the music help portray the scenes?

Whether it is a John Williams film score, a Stravinsky ballet, or a Verdi opera, this music is not stand alone orchestra fare. You have to hear or read the lyrics and stage directions for the music to make sense. Click on the + sign for magnification in the pdf to view the lyrics which are about 2/3's down in the score. The stage directions are at the top.

All comments on music or lyrics are much appreciated.

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Let me get my reactions to the music down here, before moving on to the lyrics. This is fun stuff, Lawrence. It has a definite Jewish feel to it. Musically it's interesting, with lots of neat rhythmic patterns, and a certain humorous aspect. I could have sworn I heard a duck in there at times (just kidding, this was probably a trombone with not the most realistic sound). I can see this working as a silent film score, so that is probably a good sign - it wants to be about something.

Now the score and lyrics: Yeah, I can see this working out fine. The lyrics do a good job of conveying the action in the Book Of Exodus. The stories contained therein are timeless, and priceless. The kind of reading that you just can't put down. I have always loved God's response to the "Who are you anyway? question: "I just am. don't worry about it. I'm just here." He  might have added, "Hey, I'm not even sure myself how I got here. but I'm here, and you best obey me." Gotta love it. OK, I better stop now, this Allegash Stout is getting to me and I may be on the verge of blasphemy.

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